Martial Arts

Welcome to Send Me a Pro - Your Resource for Martial Arts Trainers 

Are you looking to learn martial arts and reach new levels of fitness and self-defense? Our team of highly skilled and experienced martial arts trainers is here to help you achieve your goals. Our Pros are handpicked based on their expertise and passion for the sport and are dedicated to helping you reach new levels of mastery in the martial arts.

Martial arts is a fantastic way to improve your physical fitness, build self-defense skills, and develop mental strength. At Send Me a Pro, we understand the importance of having a knowledgeable and experienced guide on your martial arts journey. We’ve assembled a team of the excellent martial arts trainers. Our pros have years of experience and are passionate about the sport, so you can be sure you’re in good hands.

Improve your strength, flexibility, and self-defense skills

Our pros are highly qualified and experienced, passionate about teaching and helping others. Each pro is hand-picked by our team to ensure that they meet our strict standards of quality, professionalism, and expertise. We understand that finding the right pro can be daunting, so we have made it our mission to simplify the process. Our pros offer a range of services, including private lessons, group classes, and personalized training programs.

Why Choose Us

Choose Your Schedule

We provide flexible scheduling based on availability. You simply let us know on our Send Me a Pro app what are your available hours to train and see which pros respond available, and you can choose which available pros you would like to work with.

Good Fit Guarantee

We guarantee that you’ll love your first session. If not we’ll credit it back and you can use it with another pro.” (See FAQs under the “Help” tab in the Send Me a Pro app). You can also rotate or mix and match available pros as needed for your good fit training experience.

Professional and Friendly

We treat everyone with professionalism and respect because martial arts starts and ends with respect. We strive to create a professional and friendly atmosphere of support, high energy, and discipline with fun and enjoyment too!

Comprehensive approach

We feel that the most effective strategy is one that encompasses not just physical skill but also supports the whole person’s wellness, and we strive to customize the program accordingly.